Phenolic Tips Are Obsolete!
Xperience the latestTechnology!
Xtreme Billiard Concepts is the pioneer of the latest billiard technology.
We have successfully invented the X Breaker, which featuresour patented secret, the Xtremetip.

The Xtreme tip is muchstronger than any phenolic tip, yet holds chalk as well as leather.

It breaksas powerful as steel but with feel and sensitivity that rivals that of a playing cue.

Come experience Xtreme precision and power with perfect equilibrium!

Experience an Xtreme break beyond imagination!

Latest News

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19/11/05 Congratulation to Pei Wei "Sword Warrior" Chang of Chinese Taipei for his second place finish in the Green Time Super Cup. Mr. Chang beat Reyes and Manalo enroute to the finals with Mr. Yang.Mr. Chang breaks and jumps with a midnight black X Breaker with an irish linen wrap.

18/11/05 X Breaker out of stock again. Next batch should be ready on or before Dec 1st. Please pre register for your X Breaker now!

15/11/05 We are please to announce that after filling all our back orders, we have a limited quatity of X Breakers (Classic Maple models) avaliable for purchase now.

14/11/05 Congratulation to Jennifer Chen for finishing 5th in the 2005 WPBA National Championship. Jennifer Chen uses a classic maple X Breaker. Videos of Jennifer Chen's break and jump shots will be posted in the Video and thePicturesection.

13/11/05 Congratulation to Brandon Ashcraft for his 5th place finish in the Glass City Open.

09/11/05 WPBA National pictures can be viewed in the Pictures gallery.

04/11/05 After being back ordered for well over a month, we are pleased to announce that we should have all models of X Breakers backin stock around 14 Nov, 2005. I would like to thankall the customers on the back order list(over 60 of you)for your support and patience.

25/10/05 Congratulation to Danny Hewitt, who breaks and jumps with a X Breaker, maple classic model, for his victory in the first Stan-James Canadian 9 Ball Tour Championship.

24/10/05 Congratulation to Larry Nevel for his 2005 Viking Tour's Great Southern Classic All-Around 2nd place finish, and for his victory in the one pocket division.

19/10/05 X Breakers will be showcased at the Glass City Openat Brandon Ashcraft's booth, and the APA National at the Beads and Billiardsbooth. WPBA professional Jennifer Chen will appear in the Beads and Billiards Booth in Lincoln City, Oregon. Details to be announced later.

16/10/05 We would like to congratulate Larry Nevel for his 9th place finish in the Altanta Open. Larry Nevel breaks and jumps with a Xtreme Breaker, midnight black model.

15/10/05 X Breakers are back ordered again, please submit your order now. Expected waiting period is three weeks.

15/10/05 Congratulation to WPBA Hsin Huang for her 17th finish in the WPBA US Open.

13/10/05 Congratulation to WPBA Hsin Huang for winning her match against WPBA #4 Kelly Fisher in the WPBA US Open! Hsin is using a Xtreme Breaker with a custom purpleheart shaft.

11/10/05 Congratulation to Brandon Ashcraft for winning the Viking Tour in MI (8-10 Oct)!Brandon breaks and jumps witha X Breaker, flaming birdseye model.

6/10/05Please seeBrandon Ashcraft at the Viking Tour stop this weekend in Michiganto Xperience the Xtreme Breaker. Brandon isour exclusive dealer in Michigan.

5/10/05 X Breaker will be showcased in the All JapanChampionship in November. Please come to check us out!

3/10/05 Classic Birdseye X Breaker with no linen wrap will be launched soon.

24/9/05 All X Breakers sold out in the US Open. Thank you so much!

23/9/05 Larry Nevel uses the X Breaker in the US Open. Check out his 1mm jump!

22/9/05 2 times World Trick Shot Champion and runner up in the World Master, Vincent Facquet, uses the X Breaker in the US Open!

19/9/05 Pictures of the US Open posted here.

16/9/05 Pictures of the US 9 Ball Open Championship will be posted in the X forum.

16/9/05 X Breaker making its US debut in the US Open (19 Sept to 25 Sept).

15/9/05 All models of X Breakers are ready for order again.

10/9/05 X Breaker donated for Katrina Relief Raffle at

4/9/05 X Breaker sold out. Thank you so much.

16/7/2005 Congratultion to WPBA Pro Jennifer Chen forscoring aSilver Medal in the World Game. Jennifer breaks and jumps with a Xtreme Breaker, maple classic model.

2/7/2005 X Breaker making its first debut in the World Pool Championship 2005 in Taiwan.

2/7/2005 Professional who purchased/used the X Breaker in the WPC are posted here.